Sarah - A Senior Portrait Session

In October of 2019, I was given the honor of photographing a wonderful young lady.
Sarah had recently started her Senior year in high school and inquired about having her senior portraits taken. The consultation took place in September. Both she and her mother came into the studio for their visit where we became acquainted and began to share ideas. The discussion included a great deal of information; what her favorite colors were, what music she liked, where her fashion inspiration comes from, and what her plans might be after graduation. By the time we were done chatting she was comfortable knowing I would be the photographer for her and we were able to schedule the date for her photoshoot.
Excitedly, I went to work. An email with details for how to prepare for her session was sent out. A private Pinterest board was created to share inspiration Plus I was able to throw in some shopping for special props for her shoot. When her day arrived we caught up on all that she had been up to since we last visited. We looked through her wardrobe assortment, she shared how she wished to have her makeup and hair styled, I shared how props would be included, backdrops would be moved around, showed her some fabric I purchased so we could "play with" by creating an outfit to take pictures in, then we went to work.
A quick before photo
Her session started at 10 a.m. and ran until 2 p.m. We had so much fun trying various posing styles and backdrops. We threw in some unique props that I thought she might enjoy incorporating. She particularly loved the disco ball that I just happened to have lying around. (Everyone should have one. Right?) After her shoot there were refreshments and more time to visit. We scheduled the date and time for her reveal and off they went.
To my delight, I received a message from her mother a few weeks later sharing a link to an article. Sarah had written about body image acceptance and her experience here in the studio and they wanted me to see it. I am happy to share it here with you: "I Tried Modeling and This is What Happened"